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Kata Muduga MultiPurpose Farmer's Coop Union is located in the highland landscapes of South Western Coffee producing areas of Ethiopia, specifically in Oromia Regional State of Jimma Zone, with an altitude range of 1800-2400 meters above sea level. The Coop Union produces and exports specialty standard Washed, Natural & Special Prep coffee lots from the dense organic coffee rainforest agro-ecological areas of Jimma Zone, Oromia Region. Established in 2016 with 16 Primary Coops, the number has grown to 48 primary coops with more than 40,000 small-scale coffee farmers.

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The following documentary videos will show our esteemed viewers about our Union so that they can be able to further understand about our union. Accordingly,please watch these videos & you can get more information on : the major facts about our union, some of the amazing coffee landscapes of our member Primary Coops, some of the coffee trees, processing operation & related activities of our member Primary Coops & more. Thank you for watching!